Springtime Bass Fishing Tips

June 02, 2021
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At a water temperature of 50 degrees or above, the big sows start to move from their winter depths and towards the shallows.

As we start to thaw out from the frigid months of winter, many fishermen start to think about springtime bass fishing. At a water temperature of 50 degrees or above, the big sows start to move from their winter depths and towards the shallows. It is also one of the best times to catch a trophy bass and enjoy some great fishing.  Here are some tips to help you catch big one.

Have good, working equipment.

As the bass migrate from deep to shallow water, there are a few things to think about if you want to catch that fish of a lifetime. The first and one of the most important things to remember is to make sure your reels are cleaned and in good working order. If you’re lucky enough to hook that big girl, you want to make sure your equipment is ready to handle her.

Next, you want to think about respooling your line. Your line is one of the most important tolls in your arsenal and it is often neglected. I would highly recommend changing your line before the season.

It’s all about the bait.

Now that you have new fresh line and your reel is in good shape, it’s time to focus on your bait. If you have several rods, I suggest the big bait hunter of the jig and craw. This is one of the best baits to use and probably has caught more big fish than any other bait. I prefer to fish black, blue and chartreuse, which is great for the muddy water from the spring rain. As far as trailer, a big craw worm of your choice. The jig is a slow-moving bait and you want it to displace as much water as possible.

Next, I would recommend a lizard with a tungsten slip sinker. The tungsten is much more sensitive than lead or brass weights. The type of hook is personal preference, but I recommend that you get a needle point and make sure that it is sharp. I also recommend the Wicked Weights tungsten weights and their jigs as well. One of the finest springtime baits that I use is the half ounce Rat-L-Trap in any shade of red. This bait is a fish catching machine and is always tied on during the spring. Fish it slow and steady and then speed it up as the water warms.

Another bait I recommend would be a big 1/2 or ¾ ounce spinner bait.  I personally like the fire tiger color because it is visible in muddy water and I like a blade that has more vibration like a big Colorado blade. Fish it slow and try to have maximum vibration. A buzz bait with a clapper to make maximum noise on the surface is another great bait that a lot of folks do not use in the spring.

As you fish the larger baits, I would recommend a slow retrieve. As the water warms up and the fish become more aggressive, and you can speed it up a bit. Location is important. I prefer to fish in and around timber, laydowns and in the water near a creek with a nice change in depth. Do not forget the shallow flats as they can hold some great fishing. 

If you try these baits and techniques, you will have a great time and possibly hook the fish of a lifetime. God Bless and good fishing!

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John Wilhite is a United Country Real Estate auctioneer, real estate broker and land specialist in Oklahoma. He is a lifelong horseman who has lived in the country his whole life. He is also a dedicated sportsman who enjoys fishing and hunting with his family. He has the experience and knowledge to help buyers and sellers of fishing properties, hunting land, equine properties, farms, ranches and land for sale. Learn more and contact John directly at www.UnitedCountryOklahoma.com